Frequent Questions

All questions are good questions. There are no wrong or right questions. I will make sure I answer your questions so both you are I understand each other.

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Do you create websites from scratch using HTML coding? 

        No. I purchase use WordPress website theme templates that are extensively customisable for your needs. 

Why do you use templates? 

        I use customisable templates in order to minimise double handling and to reduce the overall cost of the website build. In general, for small professional static websites, the coding required is quite similar. By using premium, customisable templates I don’t have to reinvent the wheel for each website client. This reduces time, and cost and produces a quality, tested and stable product. 

Is my site going to look the same as everyone else’s? 

       No. Because I use templates that are fully customisable, along with your pictures, copy, colours, logos, etc, means I can make your site individual and suited to your business. I have access to literally hundreds of templates. 

What does it cost?

      The cost will depend on the number of pages you require and the scope of work.  But in saying that, generally, a standard 4 to 5-page website will cost you around $500 + GST. A customised business website – $1500 – $2500. 

Or check out the website lease option

What other costs can I expect?

Other costs will include:

  • a domain name ( I can arrange this for you if you don’t have one. Generally, they cost around $15 per year. They are renewable annually or you can pay for advanced years upfront.
  • Hosting – You need to have your website hosted on a hosting server. There are plenty of these available and can vary. Often you can host your website at the same place as you purchase your domain name. The cost will depend on services that you might need such as updating, security, email etc.